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New Worshiping Communities- Sac Presby's "Fresh Expressions"

New Worshiping Communities in All Shapes and Sizes
                                                                               by Ken Winter, HR
The movement in our national church for forming “new worshiping communities” is in full gear. According to one report shared with the Evangelism and Church Growth Conference this August, more than 100 are operating now, and they come in all kinds. Often this does not count the traditional New Church Developments or the specialized ethnic Fellowship groups that have also sprung up in recent years.

One good way to appreciate all this new work of God’s Spirit is to read the feature articles in Presbyterians Today’s July, 2014 issue (available in electronic form at: Within our own Presbytery, 5 NWC projects are under way with grant support from our Administrative Commission; at least two more NWC’s are functioning on their own (thank you very much) without outside support; and we have ethnic Fellowship groups that are alive and well. The Indonesian group is so far ahead, they are completing a worship and community building with our help, and we’ll all get to see it before too long!

Please continue to pray for the Spirit’s encouragement for these projects. Please also seek the Spirit’s lead for a new heart, eyes, and ears for your own church’s inspiration to help more people connect with God, and to know the peace of Christ.

















From the 1001 NWC site, a resource to help guide your work:
Starting New Worshiping Communities:
A Process of Discernment

New Worshiping Communities within Sacramento Presbytery



Fellowship of Mosaics

A community of faith, hope, and love, the Fellowship of Mosaics exists
to build authentic koinonia while pursuing the Great Commandment
(Matt. 22:36-40) and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ
(Matt. 28:16-20 & 2 Cor. 10:15) especially for the Mosaic Generation
("Gen Y" or "Millennials" and "Gen X" in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.


Rev. Stephen Moon 






The Gathering Sacramento

Our mission is to come together in community through the creative arts, in particular through the sharing of stories. In seeing the individual story as part of God's bigger story, we grow spiritually and as community. We sponsor *Evenings of Storytelling" quarterly which feature personal stories and folk singing. We have also sponsored workshops in creative writing, storytelling, and Reader's Theatre. We plan future workshops in Bible studies, art, and other topics promoting spirituality and creativity. We meet in The Hall of Bethany Presbyterian Church. 


Rev. Judith A. Davis


Davis Mosaics

 A Fellowship reaching out to the Millennial generation.  This NWC is planted in Davis, CA and sponsored by Davis Community Church.
Grow your faith in a relaxed café atmosphere!  


Rev. Stephen Moon