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Sandy Richardson, Chair   

The Mission Support Ministry Team of the Presbytery has four priorities: support of Presbyterian World Mission, support of Ecumenical and Interfaith Ministry, support of Presbyterian Peacemaking, and support of Local and Regional Mission. The team shares these recent examples of how it has been active in each of its priorities:

Presbyterian World Mission

There is an anticipated funding shortfall for the Presbyterian World Mission Agency. By 2017 there is the possibility that 25 percent of mission workers, currently in service around the world, could be recalled. The Presbytery of Sacramento’s Mission Support Ministry Team is responding by sending funds to support mission co-workers in South Sudan with these gifts:

  • $1,000.00 to support Lynn & Sharon Kandel 
    (World Mission Acct. No. D50758)
  • $1,000.00 to support Leisa Wagstaff 
    (World Mission Acct. No. D504924)
  • $1,000.00 to support Shelvis & Nancy Smith-Mather 
     (World Mission Acct. No.D507554)

These mission coworkers play an important role in efforts to make peace in South Sudan with partner churches. Mission Support is also sending $2,000.00 in general support for Presbyterian World Mission to address the funding shortfall. Congregations can do the same by noting Fund No. E132192.

These links provide more information on the Presbyterian World Mission: 
      Funding Shortfall
      Presbyterians at Work in the Sudan
      How Can I Help?


Ecumenical and Interfaith Ministry
Mission Support is an active partner with ecumenical and interfaith ministries and programs. Examples of support are the following:

  • $200.00 to the North State Ecumenical Conference
  • $1,500.00 to the Council of Churches
  • $1,000.00 to Sacramento Interfaith for the Power of One dinner
  • $5,000.00 to the Thai Christian Foundation in Dallas, Texas for the Free Burma Rangers to distribute as per their discretion to support work inside Burma, the South Sudan and the Free Kurdistan Rangers project

Local and Regional Mission

Mission Support has various local mission projects that receive support:

  • University Presbyterian NCD seed money for the Greater Sacramento Campus Ministry project, $3000
  • Opening Doors, a refugee resettlement ministry in the Sacramento area, $750.00
  • Southeast Asian Assistance Center, housed at Bethany Presbyterian Church, that provides for various needs from food and clothing to resettlement assistance and employment support in South Sacramento, $750.00
  • Cents-ability Offering – Currently there is a healthy fund that can be used to fund programs and projects to feed the hungry within the Presbytery. Grant request forms can be found on the Forms & Publications page.

The primary support of the mission of the presbytery comes from you; churches and individuals who give in financial and volunteer support to the general mission of the PC(USA). Mission money and volunteers are what help support mission in our presbytery (peacemaking, refugee resettlement, food closets, ethnic concerns, older adult and health ministries, to name a few) and help support the mission of the church worldwide through mission coworkers and personnel to address the Global Initiatives of poverty, evangelism, and reconciliation. Please take a look at our ministry priorities.


Mission & Ministry grants are available  through the Presbytery of Sacramento's Mission Support Ministry Team and Synod of the Pacific's Mission Partnership.  Available are the following with links to the application for each:

Presbytery of Sacramento Mission Ministry Grant

Presbytery of Sacramento Mission Trip Resource for those receiving grants 

Opportunity Fund Grant

Emerging Need Grant

Hilda V. Thompson Medical Ministry Grant

Cents-ability (Two Cents a Meal)
Are you taking a Cents-ability Offering
in your church?

Just a can or jar on the meal tables reminds us of others who are hungry. The offering can be designated to the local food closet or community food relief program. A portion or all of the offering can go to the Sacramento Presbytery to provide grants for churches who need to supplement their existing efforts or new ideas to reach the hungry in their community. Applications for grants are available:

Cents-ability Grant Application

Watch the videos below to learn more about Sacramento Presbytery's
Youth & Adult Mission Trips